So why ScholarHubs?

I built ScholarHubs to give others the rare opportunity to analyze topics in various disciplines and post their analysis for the world to see.   For too long, those of us with a passion for this type of research have had to try and build our own site or market our own blogs.  I wanted to take the technical burden off people’s shoulders and free them to do what they love – analyze and write – all in an international community of like-minded thinkers.  For students in college or graduate school, this is a valuable tool that will enable you to establish yourself as a well-informed thinker on topics of your choice.  You're already writing research papers, why not post them and show the world what you've got?

Check out some of the powerful features I've incorporated in this platform:

  • Members can post in their own language;
  • Groups can be created for special interests, and membership in the groups can be by invitation only;
  • Forums can be created for discussion;
  • Emails with attachments can be sent to other members to help with collaboration on research;
  • Each member can create a profile to share his or her research interests and members can search the scholar database to find others with similar research interests;
  • Posted articles are visible to the whole world, not just members;
  • Members can email a link to his or her article to whomever they like to help promote their writing;


A Little About Me

Why would I build an online platform like ScholarHubs? Research, analysis and foreign affairs have been a lifetime passion. I hold a BA in Foreign Service from Baylor University, an MA in General Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary, an MA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem where I conducted research on the societal impact of the Internet in Iraq, and am currently pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in information systems from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. I have studied 10 languages, six intensely, have been to the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia 11 times and started a program to teach marketable computer skills to orphans in Mexico. I love interacting with people from around the world and am fascinated by the differing perspectives we all bring to the same events and unique solutions we all bring to the same problems.

So, here’s your chance - join today and go improve your world!

All the best,